Monday, 28 May 2012

You too can be cast in carbonite like Han Solo!

A closer look at a few carbonite figurines. Will be mine... Eventually. #fb
During 2012 Disney World has an event going on called Star Wars Weekends. One of the cooler things to do is an attraction where you can have your image taken and used to create your very own 8" figure featuring you frozen in carbonite! (Only $100!)

Some other Star Wars attractions that caught my eye:
  • The Darth Mall (This terrible pun is about as much tribute as he deserves in my opinion.) You can buy a ton of Star Wars junk there
  • Build your own droid figure at Tatooine Traders (Awesome!)
  • You can watch Chewy and Leia dance to LMFAO or Darth Vader dance to an Alien Ant Farm cover of a Michael Jackson song! (Wait... that's not so cool...)
In other, sadder Disney news, the Snow White attraction is going bye-bye. :(

I find your lack of deliciousness disturbing.


  1. It probably needs a big overhaul, and they think something else would make more sense.

  2. Can you pay to have someone else frozen in carbonite? :p