Friday, 13 April 2012

Today, I achieved a small goal

Last post for a little while, I promise.

This is my papercraft daruma doll. I made him earlier this week because I needed a motivational boost. Daruma dolls are cool because they are not only symbols of good luck, but they encourage you to make your own luck. When you buy a real one, its eyes are blank. You are supposed to decide on a goal and then draw in one eye. You can't draw on the other one until you make your goal happen! I wrote my goal on its head. It was to finish my technology report for my Methods and Materials class. I handed it in today, so now he gets another eye. See him in his eyeless glory after the jump.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Life With Archie is weird... and awesome

Anyone who's ever read an Archie comic, you might want to read this.

I just wanted to let the world know: Life With Archie does not suck. It is the opposite of suck. And it is extremely weird. Each issue follows Archie's life after he marries Betty and then, in a second story, after he marries Veronica. It sounds like a lame love story, but this is one comic that is nothing like you would expect. To see some of the really weird developments (or if you just want to know what's up with that picture) hit the jump.

Warning: spoilers

New J.K. Rowling novel = Hot Fuzz?

The Little, Brown Book Group has posted a synopsis for J.K.Rowling's new adult novel, The Casual Vacancy. The plot sounds like Hot Fuzz, but with 100% less Sergeant Nicholas Angel, which is too bad. Still, I am intrigued.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Does your money have glow in the dark dinosaurs on it?

According to the National Post:

"The image of a dinosaur whose remains were discovered in Alberta’s Peace Country will be featured on our newest quarter — the first Canadian coin with a glow-in-the dark picture. The quarter, being released by the Royal Canadian Mint April 16, features Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai, a large herbivore whose bone fragments were discovered by Grande Prairie, Alta., science teacher Al Lakusta in 1974."

The sad part is that the reverse side of the coin does not feature a glow-in-the dark skeleton Queen Elizabeth.

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The challenge!

My dear, darling sister, Anne, says I am not tech savvy enough to create a blog. Regardless of whether or not she is right, that sounds like a challenge to me! Look at my blog in all its bloggy glory!