Thursday, 29 November 2012

Super Mario Stuff That Must Be Seen

It's been a very Mario kind of day.

Thing #1 I have to share comes via GoNintendo:

The cover of the final issue of Nintendo Power. This is the same layout as the cover of the first issue from 25 years ago with vastly improved clay figures and a newly added flag pole to signal the end. I was thinking it would be sad to see the very last one, and then they went and did this and it's so awesome! How can you see this and be sad? I think it's a nice way to wrap things up.

Thing #2: this amazing stop motion video. This is actually the third one these guys have done and all the figures were made with those bead kits that you bake to melt the plastic together. It always reminds me of Teeny Little Super Guy. I call him Teeny Little Super Mario.

To see a making of video hit the jump. Make sure to turn on the captions unless you are fluent in Swedish. I'm somewhat passable in Swedish Chef.

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