Friday, 13 April 2012

Today, I achieved a small goal

Last post for a little while, I promise.

This is my papercraft daruma doll. I made him earlier this week because I needed a motivational boost. Daruma dolls are cool because they are not only symbols of good luck, but they encourage you to make your own luck. When you buy a real one, its eyes are blank. You are supposed to decide on a goal and then draw in one eye. You can't draw on the other one until you make your goal happen! I wrote my goal on its head. It was to finish my technology report for my Methods and Materials class. I handed it in today, so now he gets another eye. See him in his eyeless glory after the jump.

Daruma is missing an eye :(
Their shape is also neat because if you knock them over they will straighten back up again. My papercraft one can't do that, though. I'm counting on my friend Linda to bring me back a real one from her trip to Japan. I have more goals to achieve!

Goal achieved! Did I mention you're supposed to burn it when your goal is reached?
If anyone else wants to make a daruma doll, I got the instructions here. This site calls it a dharma doll.


  1. That is awesome!! My papercraft daruma that my brother gave me is for when I finish school. That was a bad goal to choose because obviously I am never going to be done at this rate :S

    1. Maybe you should have one for each extra set of letters you get to put after your name.

  2. Okay that... is damned cool. I may need one.