Thursday, 12 April 2012

Life With Archie is weird... and awesome

Anyone who's ever read an Archie comic, you might want to read this.

I just wanted to let the world know: Life With Archie does not suck. It is the opposite of suck. And it is extremely weird. Each issue follows Archie's life after he marries Betty and then, in a second story, after he marries Veronica. It sounds like a lame love story, but this is one comic that is nothing like you would expect. To see some of the really weird developments (or if you just want to know what's up with that picture) hit the jump.

Warning: spoilers

Archie weirdness:
  • Archie and Veronica heading for divorce: okay, not actually very surprising, but who would have thought Archie Comics would do it? Veronica has basically become Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton. Issue #18 begins with her getting out of jail on bail.
  • Gay marriage. New characters Kevin and Clay got married in both universes. 
  • Reggie is a hero. In both stories Reggie hit his lowest point early on, had his ego destroyed, and has worked hard to make something of himself since. He also gets to be with whichever girl Archie doesn't pick. Archie's problems seem petty by comparison to his. Plus, Archie hasn't really evolved. Honestly, by this point I think that the girl who gets stuck with Reggie is the luckier one.
  • Miss Grundy dies of cancer. Yup. :(
  • Archie-Betty universe Veronica missing/presumed dead. This mystery is resolved in issue #18...
  • Jughead is probably not gay, after all.
  • Bizzare, Sliders-esque sci-fi subplot involving Dilton and Mr. Lodge traversing through multiple universes for some nefarious purpose? Once again, issue #18.
"Kiss me, you fool!"

To read an (slightly old but still good) interview with writer Paul Kupperberg at Topless Robot, click here.


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